Concerned chairman Jaap Veerman in De Kick-off: “Tough time for FC Volendam”

“Not flourishing.” This is how chairman Jaap Veerman describes the financial situation in which FC Volendam currently finds itself in football talk show De Aftrap. Jan Smit’s successor is busy working with the new board to balance the budget for next season. Veerman is a guest with former professional Joop Böckling in De Aftrap, which can be seen on TV on NH tonight.

“It is a tough time for Volendam,” says Veerman. “Last year there was a loss of 3 million euros and this year there is an operational deficit of 2.5 million.”

The club will still receive money for the sale of Murkin and Eiting. The resale of former player Van de Ven by Wolfsburg to Tottenham Hotspur Volendam also yields a considerable amount. Although, according to Veerman, the transfer fee will be transferred in two installments and Volendam will even receive the compensation for Van de Ven’s youth training in four installments.

Veerman is busy boosting short-term income. “We will make it this year, but it is a big concern. We are in discussions with Wolfsburg to bring forward the payment of the second installment. That would be extremely good for Volendam. We cannot start the new season with a loss of 2.5 million and let’s hope that that gap will be closed by transfers.”

New stadium

The ambitious plans that Jan Smit had to move to Purmer and build a new stadium there, ‘t Skip, have been shelved by the new board. “We will investigate with the municipality what the possibilities are to renovate the current stadium. But it is also possible that we build a new stadium at the existing location or next to it in combination with, for example, a hotel or a city office.”

Joop Böckling

The other guest at the table is former striker Joop Böckling. In the 1970s and 1980s he played successively for HFC Haarlem, FC Volendam, Sparta Rotterdam and FC Eindhoven. Nowadays he is the coach of fourth division Haarlem-Kennemerland, which plays on the same grounds as the former professional club. “Nothing has changed there. Only the main field has turned a quarter turn. It’s a bit of a homecoming there.”

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