Compovit must place chemical air scrubber from the right

    The environmental strike judge in Veurne had already determined in an interlocutory judgment that Compovit causes excessive odor nuisance. Now he imposes an interim measure in the final judgment. The court orders to convert the last biological air scrubber of the existing air treatment installation into a chemical air scrubber. And that in anticipation of the decision on the environmental permit application that Compovit has submitted and which is currently being processed by the minister.

    Mayor Laridon and alderman Deprez respond positively: “We are pleased that the judge recognizes the seriousness of the odor problem and enforces a solution in the short term. We have instructed our lawyer to immediately contact Compovit’s counsel so that the chemical air scrubber can be completed quickly. Compovit has already announced that it will acquiesce and implement the judgment. Our hope is that this chemical air scrubber will solve the worst odor nuisance and that the minister will soon rule on Compovit’s permit application, so that we don’t have to wait too long for a definitive solution.”

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