Como is focusing on Fabregas for the promotion objective: updated odds

Turnaround in the Como house: via Moreno Longo, the Indonesian ownership is betting everything on the Spaniard

Upheaval on the bench at Como: the Hartono brothers, Indonesian magnates with an estimated wealth of 45 billion dollars, have in fact decided to relieve first team coach Moreno Longo of his duties in favor of Cesc Fabregas, until now coach of the Como spring. The decision, which caught both the square and the players themselves by surprise, comes after seven points won in the last three matches, and in the aftermath of the success against Ascoli which brought the Como team firmly back into the playoff zone. Let’s find out how the odds of Como’s promotion to Serie A change on the main betting sites.


Behind the decision of the club’s leaders there would be a precise marketing choice, which obviously focuses on the name of the former Arsenal and Barcelona champion to relaunch the club’s image. Except that Fabregas, who last year wore the Lariani shirt (17 appearances and no goals) and is also a shareholder of the club, doesn’t even have a coaching license: he will therefore have to be supported by another coach to be able to sit on the bench . Como has been missing from Serie A since the 2002/03 season: the promotion of Fabregas and his boys is worth 5.50 on Gazzabet’s board, 5.25 on Planetwin365, 5.00 on Goldbet and Better and 4.50 on Sisal.


Most of the Como players already know Fabregas, with whom they shared the dressing room last season, which ended in thirteenth place in Serie B. The Spaniard will have the international break available to familiarize himself with his new role, then the calendar includes the match against FeralpiSalò and, above all, the Lario derby with Lecco, recovery of the third day. Immediately an important crash test to understand more about the new direction of Como.