Community service for huge weapon collection in tattoo shop Stadskanaal

A 57-year-old man from Stadskanaal has to carry out a community service of 240 hours for possessing a huge collection of weapons. The judge also sentenced the man to 364 days in prison, of which 360 days suspended. Because the man has already been in custody for four days, he does not have to go to jail.

The agents were amazed when they entered the home of the Canal Star after an anonymous report. Weapons and ammunition were scattered throughout the house. There was also a large amount in the man’s tattoo parlor, open and exposed. In between was also prohibited material such as an electric shock weapon, brass knuckles and pepper spray. Most of the collection came from an inheritance, the man said. He couldn’t get rid of this for emotional reasons.

Two firearms were ready to fire. That made the matter more serious, the judge said. The judge does not think it is a good idea to send the man to prison, because the Channel Star has no further criminal record in this area.

Most of the weapons had been disabled (incorrectly). The judge adopted the 240-hour community service proposed by the Public Prosecution Service (OM). A suspended six-month prison sentence, as demanded by the public prosecutor, is too little for such a serious case. The judge increased that conditional part to one year.

The man was also charged with possession of hard drugs. At the hearing, the Public Prosecution Service asked the man to be acquitted on this part. The Channel Star stated that the drugs belonged to the children growing up in his home. The court agreed and only convicted the man for the prohibited collection of weapons.