Comment on the Kroos comeback: Avert the next total crash!


As of: February 22, 2024 7:01 p.m

Who would disagree with Carlo Ancelotti when it comes to football? The Italian world-class coach, now 64 years old and overwhelmed with titles, simply doesn’t want to do without him. Toni Kroos is his man – in Real Madrid’s midfield. And other things too.

Jörg Strohschein

Ancelotti doesn’t let anything happen to the 34-year-old. When asked about Kroos’ possible return to the DFB team, Ancelotti said a good two weeks ago: “I think if he did that he would be showing character – and balls.”

Ancelotti apparently has no doubts that Kroos can not only keep up at the highest European level, but also make a decisive impact. It speaks admiration for Ancelotti.

No structure and rigor in the DFB team

National coach Julian Nagelsmann also came to this conclusion some time ago and made Kroos an offer to return – also because Kroos is still one of the best German players.

But it is also Nagelsmann’s reaction to the national team’s poor performance under his aegis. Because he didn’t get any real structure or rigor from the previous team either.

The return is also due to the now long-lasting crisis of Bayern midfielders Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka in the club as well as the inexplicable and consistently average performance of Ilkay Gündogan in the national team – and also unavoidable.

Kroos needs a “worker” next to him

Kroos should and will give the center stability and a new quality with his confident passing game, his feeling for the space and the respective game situation. But only if Nagelsmann positions a “worker” next to Kroos. He was never the fastest or the most assertive, but was often the most intelligent on the field.

In addition to Kroos, someone would have to act as a kind of unpretentious and hard-working supplier. For a long time, it was the Brazilian Casemiro for the Royals. Pascal Groß could be such a candidate in the DFB team. Or Goretzka, should he regain his composure.

New hierarchy in the DFB team

Flexibility is now required in the team: Gündogan should move up a position to the tenth position. Kimmich to the right-back position – even if that will cause the 29-year-old to grind his teeth.

Last but not least, Kroos’ integration is likely to re-explore the hierarchy in the team. In the two test matches in France (March 23, 2024) and against the Netherlands (March 26, 2024) there is still time to readjust the structure in stress mode.

Last lifeline

The fact that Kroos is back in the national team is the last attempt to turn the DFB team around and avoid the next total crash. The hopes of the entire (football) nation now rest on Kroos, who can handle this pressure thanks to his extensive experience.

However, the fact that Nagelsmann has to resort to this measure as a lifeline shows that the national coach’s alarm bells are already ringing massively with a view to the home European Championships. The fact that Kroos takes on this scenario again is a credit to him – and shows his character.