Colruyt will pay even more for beef: price increase must go entirely to livestock farmer, consumer will still pay lowest price | Domestic

Colruyt is increasing the purchase price for beef carcasses again, after the retailer already paid extra in mid-February. “It is clear that the beef sector is being hit hard today,” says Gunter Uyttenhove, Fine Food Director at Colruyt Group.

Colruyt says that the group will ensure that the price increase goes entirely to the livestock farmer. For the consumer, the chain is sticking to its promise of lowest prices. Colruyt is also committed to offering as many Belgian products as possible and putting an extra spotlight on those products.

“We think it is important to take the lead here for the Belgian market and to support Belgian cattle farmers even better today,” says Uyttenhove. “We will evaluate this approach on a regular basis.”

Colruyt complains about a lack of transparency in the chain. Transparency about the various costs is crucial, it sounds. “Every link has to do its part to ensure that we can work together towards a sustainable future for the Belgian beef sector.”

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