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There are traffic jams especially in the west and center of the Netherlands on Friday morning. On the A4 between Amsterdam and The Hague, there were long traffic jams in both directions due to accidents. There was a delay on the A27 near Bilthoven due to a scissor truck and on the A28 between Zwolle and Amersfoort there was also a lot of delay due to accidents.

Rijkswaterstaat has sprinkled 6 million kilos of salt since 7 p.m. on Thursday evening and drove snow shovels all night. However, there is still a lot of nuisance due to the snow. Rijkswaterstaat reported 39 kilometers of traffic jams on highways around 08:45. That is busier than usual on Friday mornings. The ANWB saw about 60 kilometers of traffic jams on highways and provincial roads at the same time.

The NS has not yet reported any disruptions due to the winter weather.

“If you go on the road, adjust your driving style if necessary,” warns Rijkswaterstaat. “Drive a little more slowly and keep more distance. If you come across gritters, give those people space.”

6 degrees

From the north, it will become dry in more and more places during the day, Weeronline writes. The snow on the roads melts quickly once the snowfall subsides. The temperature will rise this afternoon to about 6 degrees at the sea and 4 degrees inland.

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Next weekend

Next weekend it will remain winter with a little snow in the east on Saturday. There will also be a few showers across the country on Sunday. It can freeze at night and the mornings can also be cold with frost until mid-morning, Weeronline reports.