Code yellow in Drenthe; we may wake up in a white world

It seems that tomorrow morning we will wake up in a white world in Drenthe. It is expected to start snowing tonight and the snow will remain there. Due to the expected slipperiness, code yellow has been issued for Drenthe, which applies from 9 p.m.

Code yellow applies to the entire country. The weather warning is currently in force in Zeeland. From the Southwest, the snow showers will then slowly move towards the North.

KNMI issues the weather warning for Drenthe between 9 p.m. tonight and 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. RTV Drenthe weatherman Hans Nienhuis also predicts snow for Drenthe only in the second half of the evening. “The West gets a little more snow than we do here due to the influence of the sea. The closer to the coast, the better the snow chances are. The south of Drenthe will have the first turn in terms of snow tonight, followed by the north of the province .”

According to Nienhuis, it can really turn white for a while. “It will snow for a few hours. The intensity of the snowfall is not very high, but we seem to be getting a few centimeters. I assume 3 or 4 centimeters for Drenthe. It is largely dry snow and the temperature is tonight 0 to -1 degrees. So tomorrow morning we really have to take into account slippery conditions and a white cover in Drenthe.”

According to the RTV Drenthe weatherman, any snow fun will be short-lived. The temperature will eventually rise to 1 or 2 degrees tomorrow. Precipitation will follow again in the afternoon, probably wet snow that will turn into rain.

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