Coach dismantles team cabin after dismissal

The coach of the second team of 1. FC Bocholt is set to leave at the end of the season. He didn’t like that. So he quickly dismantled the crew cabin.

Niko Laukötter reacted to his departure as coach of the second team of 1. FC Bocholt with a bizarre move. The coach learned from the club on Saturday that he would only sit in the coaching bench until the end of the season. He then immediately resigned and then dismantled the interior of the crew cabin. This is reported by the “Bocholter-Borkener-Volksblatt.”

Laukötter is said to have renovated the cabin himself and financed the whole thing. There is said to have been a relaxation pool, personalized cupboards and even disco lighting in the changing room. But the coach, who worked at the club for around 15 years, hardly left anything of it. It is said that Laukötter even expanded the soil. According to the report, the room is now empty.

Manuel Jara, technical director in Bocholt, emphasized regarding the cabin: “You can still change in it.” The locker room is “oversized anyway” for the district league A.

But the problem for the club is that the players are now on strike. Last weekend they gave up the game against a relegation candidate without a fight and therefore lost 2-0 – probably out of solidarity with their coach. The team is currently fighting for promotion.

There will soon be discussions between those responsible and the team. If the team does not play for three games in a row, they are threatened with forced relegation. According to Jara, a date for the interview has not yet been set.