COA finds a solution for overcrowded Ter Apel: shelter in Biddinghuizen

The COA will move people to Biddinghuizen tomorrow to relieve Ter Apel. A COA spokesperson confirmed this after reporting by EenVandaag.

It is still unclear how many people are involved and whether tomorrow’s deadline – a maximum of two thousand asylum seekers are allowed to stay in the Ter Apel registration center in the evening – is still unclear. “It still remains very exciting,” says the spokesperson.

The judge ruled last month that the COA had four weeks to reduce the number of asylum seekers in the registration center in Ter Apel to less than two thousand, otherwise a penalty of 15,000 euros would have to be paid for each day that this was not possible.

Initially, COA assumed that it had to meet that maximum today, but it had an extra day. The letter with the ruling came a day later.