“Clucky Luke” beats defending champion Endless Ladder to Heaven

The eighth season of Ninja Warrior Germany is in full swing! Well-known faces and newcomers compete in Germany’s strongest show on the course. sport.de looks back on the fourth preliminary round broadcast.

Around 250 athletes aged 16 and over are taking part in Ninja Warrior Germany.

This year there is something new in the preliminary round. Instead of a duel course, there is now a round of the Endless Ladder to Heaven at the end of each show. The best ninja can secure the direct final ticket in addition to 5,000 euros.

Who was able to qualify for the semi-finals in the fourth broadcast? Who provided an exclamation mark? Who grabbed the direct final ticket on the Endless Ladder to Heaven? sport.de provides the answers!

  • The showdown at the Endless Ladder to Heaven

With Max Görner, the defending champion intervened in the fourth preliminary round show. The 20-year-old also set a new mark with the best time of the day of 1 minute and 21 seconds.

“I have gained significantly more self-confidence and know that I can deliver safely when I perform. That has strengthened me a lot overall,” said Görner at the RTL microphone, looking back on his triumph as “Last Man Standing 2022”.

The co-favorite was also able to manage all the rungs on the Endless Ladder to Heaven. However, with his time of 22.53 seconds, Görner had to admit defeat to Lukas Kilian. Finally, “Clucky Luke” buzzed after just 16.8 seconds.

Yasin El Azzazy (25th rung) came third ahead of Leonardo Calderon (3rd rung).

  • Viktoria Krämer with exclamation mark

The two strongest women in the fourth preliminary round show were Viktoria Krämer and Marlies Brunner. While the latter was able to qualify for the next round via the women’s ranking, Krämer ended up in eleventh place among the best 13 ninjas.

How far can things go for them in season eight? “I think a lot is possible. But it can all be over very quickly, as I’ve seen in the last two years. That’s why you’re always cautious about making any predictions,” Krämer answered this question on the RTL microphone .

With a time of 2 minutes and 54 seconds, the finisher showed that she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to being awarded the title of “Last Woman Standing”.

  • The obstacles in the Ninja Warrior course

In the fourth preliminary round show of Ninja Warrior Germany we went from the five jump 2.0 to the roller coaster. The ninjas then had to move on from the corkscrew to the main rolls. Anyone who was able to master the swing arm (trunk) and the springs finally had the choice between the wall and the mega wall as usual.

At the end of the preliminary round show, the four best ninjas dueled on the endless ladder to heaven for the day’s victory. In the fourth program there were 13 finishers.

Lukas Kilian has already secured his ticket to the final as winner of the Endless Ladder to Heaven.

In addition, Max Görner, Leonardo Calderon, Yasin El Azzazy, Paul Stöckel, Frank Schmidpeter, Timo Hander, Rene Weber, Philipp Nockemann, Uwe Weitzer, Viktoria Krämer, Milan Armengaud and Marios Livitsanos-Ried all made it into the semi-finals as finishers. Marlies Brunner is also one round further as the second best woman in the fourth preliminary round show.