Club cycling championship in Izegem opens…

You always start such a first race with a fearful heart. Here you will find out whether you had a good winter. This is especially important if you play for a new ambitious team. “Transfers also happen at this level and a lot is expected of them. Kenneth Verstegen returns to the old familiar nest of Dovy Keukens. As a fourth-year promise, he is an asset for the team,” says Peter Demaere, team leader of Dovy Keukens-FCC.

And Urbano-Vulsteke also wants to take a big step forward this year. “During the internship in Spain, we mainly worked on team spirit, because it must guarantee results,” said team leader Dirk Verbestel.

The competition in Izegem is new on the calendar. And that is a great achievement for the cycling association, because the club championship was virtually extinct. Only in Deerlijk they still hold on to tradition, and now also in Izegem. The organization is rewarded with 110 participants, who are presented with 17 rounds.