‘Clown Yvonne Coldeweijer is not that smart’

Samantha Steenwijk, who has been infamous for her long toes for years, has gained one more portion of publicity from her case against Yvonne Coldeweijer. She sat at the table with Eva Jinek yesterday.


Samantha Steenwijk has started a whole media circus because of a fairly innocent gossip about diet pills. Her biggest point of anger was that because of Yvonne Coldeweijer’s gossip, people might start taking those pills themselves. Samantha’s solution? Increase the attention for that diet pill gossip by a factor of twenty.

Samantha in Jinek

What’s behind that? A great desire for attention, think the men of Privé TV. It is obvious that Yvonne has not provided Nieuwsuur-worthy journalism here, but Samantha is blowing it all up a lot. Yvonne had already removed the video immediately at her request and posted two corrections.

Now the judge has to rectify Yvonne again, but compensation of 5,000 euros has been rejected. The best thing about this verdict? Samantha was able to go to Eva Jinek’s talk show yesterday, where she found her fellow celebrities on her angry side. “Yes, nice, wonderful, relieved that the law has been allowed to determine that it is not possible.”

“She’s a clown!”

Eva Jinek, who has regularly spoken in the breach for Yvonne, was quite critical of the juice queen this time. “The funny thing is: Yvonne Coldeweijer reacted as if she had won.”

Samantha snorts: “This is the clown we know, right? I just see it as a big clown. Now she also says: ‘I don’t mind posting a correction.’ Would have done that right, because we have asked for a correction. She refused and that is why she received a preliminary injunction.”

‘Not very smart’

Yvonne did not refuse the rectification, but posted one that did not meet Samantha’s wishes. According to Samantha, Yvonne did not want to include the word ‘unfounded’ in the rectification, because, according to the juice star, the gossip is well-founded.

What a stupid girl, Samantha thinks. “She said: ‘It is well founded.’ But of course she’s not very smart, if I may say so. The word ‘founded’ means that it is a fact and that it has been investigated and it was not. That word was right and she thought it was wrong.”

no fan

Özcan Akyol feels the hatred radiating all over Samantha’s aura. “You’re not a fan of hers, I think, are you?”

A salient detail: Özcan recently did not want to write anything about Samantha in his letter section, because he thinks she is a B-star: “Who is Samantha Steenwijk? Sorry. I do not cover the niche offerings of the media world. Please only ask questions about relevant titles and people. Then everyone can follow it. (…) You have to have some talent.”

Samantha to : “You know what it is: if you want to do journalism you have to do it the right way, right? And not throw things into the world and cause people damage with it.”

She’s just a liar, says Samantha. She points out that Yvonne didn’t want to look at her during the session either. “All she did was dodge me. That says enough for me too. Then you hide behind something, you lie.”

50,000 euros

According to her, Yvonne is after the attention, the accusation that Samantha herself also receives. “She has half a million followers I think, I never look at it. She made a whole media circus out of it, I didn’t do that.”

She is also a grabber, says Samantha, who charges 4,995 euros for half an hour of singing. “There is also greed. She ends up doing it to make money. This woman earns $50,000 a month from a juice channel.”

sour bitch

It is striking how many negative reactions Samantha gets, despite the fact that it is obvious that Yvonne has dropped a lot of journalistic stitches. Many people think her anger is just exaggerated.

Telegraaf star Wilson Boldewijn tweeted: “Samantha Steenwijk is happy that she had to let the judiciary engage in gossip about her diet pills. Gut Gut Gut.”

The well-known twitterer Mies: “Samantha Steenwijk: ‘Yvonne Coldeweijer isn’t that smart.’ Samantha Steenwijk. Says that.”

Taco: “What a sour bitch that Samantha Steenwijk is. With your false comments. Would have kept the credit to yourself. ‘I never watch juice channels’, but I do know exactly what the revenue model is like.”

And Vivian: “This is exactly why I loved watching Today Inside as a woman. I can’t imagine anyone taking Samantha Steenwijk seriously. So much weight loss from horseback riding, come on! “

Hypocritical celebrities

The putting into perspective on this subject did indeed interrupt a bit with Jinek. He treated the subject as if Yvonne had accused the singer of a triple murder case.

Liesbeth: “Samantha Steenwijk who complains that Yvonne Coldeweijer puts her in a bad light by gossiping. And then do the exact same thing yourself by just throwing out falsehoods. Typical.”

Fiona: “Samantha Steenwijk is everything that is wrong with the Dutch celebrities. Never scored a hit, thinks he knows everything and can do absolutely nothing. How did she even wash up?”

And Linda: “Thanks to Yvonne Coldeweijer, Jamie Vaes is still alive. ? But seriously, she did expose Lil Kleine and the Voice ball started rolling through her. I’m done with those hypocritical celebrities (including Samantha Steenwijk), so tribute to Yv.”


The evil Samantha at Jinek: