Closes the Twins Garden, starry in Moscow. Blame the war?

un other starred restaurant saying goodbye to its customers: this time it’s about the Twins Garden, the best restaurant in Moscow.

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Another starry says goodbye to catering

The Berezutsky twins holders of the 29th restaurant in the world ranking of the 50 Bestannounce the closure: «Dear friends! Time flies. Everything changes. The world around us changes, we all change and our goals and desires also change» they write on the farewell post to all those who have made their dream come true.

The Berezutsky twins, owners of the 29th restaurant in the world’s 50 Best list, announce the closure (Instagram)

Closes the Twins Garden in Moscow

A change who knows if also due to the fact that the restaurant after the Russian invasion of Ukraine had been excluded from the guides and had lost international audiences.

But the fact is that Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy are yet another starred chefs who are dropping out their food and wine project.

Taste and sustainability in the center of Moscow

A very interesting project, moreover: certainly tasteful, but also sustainable. In fact, having started out as simply Twins, the restaurant had become Twins Garden after that the two brothers had decided to create a farm just outside Moscow to use only their products in the kitchen.

Not for nothing, the 70 percent of their restaurant’s ingredients came from there and leftovers were sent back to feed the animals.

Twins Garden was, in fact, a green corner in the heart of a metropolis like Moscow and it was really incredible how the two brothers managed to have zero km products.

The coronation with the Michelin stars

In autumn 2021, the twins had been crowned which best representatives of Russian cuisine in the world, receiving well two stars from the Michelin Guideto which was added the third “green” for the eco-sustainable message of their restaurant.

However, the tragic international situation unleashed with the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine has upset relations with the West. Ivan and Sergey continued on the path they knew best to be ready when the world returned to taste their delicacies.

But perhaps the effort and commitment was not enough. The international clientele was worth a lot to the restaurant and who knows if its absence doesn’t make a difference.

The Twins Garden is a successful dream, now new goals

However, all this is not in the farewell message, but there is only a strong desire to change and to start new projects: «Six years ago we dreamed of a restaurant that has become the Twins Garden. A restaurant created from hearts. And we are happy that together we managed to realize the best project of our life. Now is the time to set new goalsdream new dreams and move on. Because movement is life. What comes next? We have many ideas and projects. We will definitely tell you everything when the time comes. Thank you! And see you soon!”