Climbing towers and walking path at height in Rensenpark: playground open in 2025

There will be a climbing park in the Rensenpark in Emmen. Next year, the construction of several courses, climbing towers and a walking path at height will start. The park, operated by the Fun Forest company, will open its doors in 2025.

Fun Forest and the municipality of Emmen have been talking for months about a new play area on the site where the zoo used to be. The company, which has climbing parks in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Almere and Venlo, is investing 1.3 million euros in the park. The municipality of Emmen will contribute 350,000 euros and the province will contribute 200,000 euros.

They want to make the Rensenpark climbing park a meaningful place for Emmen. With the contribution from the authorities, the ‘architecture and design of the climbing tower will receive an extra boost’, according to the province. Deputy Willemien Meeuwissen (VVD) speaks of a ‘challenging play and walking place’ in Drenthe. “And also in a very attractive location, namely in the heart of Emmen. Great for residents, but certainly also for visitors,” she says.

The climbing park is being built on the site of the former elephant island. The province announces that all existing trees will be retained and that the management and maintenance of the trees will be improved. The site also makes the Rensenpark ‘an attractive place for recreation and exercise’, according to Drenthe. Part of the playground will be accessible for free.

Councilor René van der Weide (Wakker Emmen) of the municipality of Emmen says that significant investments will be made in the Rensenpark in the coming years. “This unique place in Emmen should really remain a city park with room for recreational options, among other things. The climbing park fits very well into this development,” says Van der Weide.