Clear RAM makes the iPhone significantly faster

The longer you use a smartphone, the slower it becomes. But with a simple trick you can clean up the RAM of your iPhone and make it much faster again.

Anyone who has been using their iPhone for a long time may have noticed that it becomes slower and slower over time. Especially those who switch back and forth between apps or load a new application may need to be patient. This is more pronounced on older iPhones, but can also occur on newer models. The reason: With every use, the iPhone stores information in the main memory in order to be able to start applications faster later. At some point, however, the RAM is so heavily occupied that processes take more time. But with this simple trick you can clean up the RAM of your iPhone and make it much faster again.

Clear iPhone RAM in few steps

A few steps are enough to empty the RAM – also known as working memory – of the iPhone. If you have an iPhone with a physical home button, you can jump straight to point 4. However, newer iPhones in particular do not have this haptic button. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the settings of the iPhone and then go to the section “Accessibility“. Under the tab “Tap‘ you can use the so-called ‘AssistiveTouchActivate the function.
  2. To do this, tap on the point “AssistiveTouch‘ and in the menu that appears, slide the slider at the top to green. There should now be a small, circular area on the right edge of the screen that replaces the home button.
  3. Tap on the circular area or and then in the menu that opens on “Home“.
  4. Open that Shutdown menu (You can find detailed instructions here) by quickly pressing the volume up button, then the volume down button. Immediately after that, press and hold the lock button until the shutdown menu opens.
  5. From this view, either tap the button and then long-tap “Home’ or on the physical home button. Then enter your code when prompted.

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If necessary, then check by opening apps if you notice an improvement in the speed and response of your iPhone.

Here is a step-by-step guide with video:

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A full RAM makes the iPhone slower

Emptying the RAM can lead to better performance for all technical devices. RAM is short-term storage. All data that the device accesses at short notice is stored there. The more data stored there, the slower the device.

A first solution is therefore often to close running applications in the background. However, this only helps to a limited extent with a slowed-down iPhone. It can therefore be worth cleaning up the RAM if performance is significantly reduced.