Clear language: clear statement of rights in the event of arrest wins Wablieft Prize 2023 | Domestic

The 2023 Wablieft Prize, which puts clear language in the spotlight, this year goes to ‘Clear Declaration of Rights’, a federal project that makes clear the rights of a suspect upon arrest. “The statement shows that clear texts are also possible for the judiciary and the police,” says Wablieft.

A suspect has rights during an arrest. Ariane Deladrière is leading a federal project to make those rights clearer. And that project wins the Wablieft Prize 2023. It seems like a small project, because the result is only one page. But that page can change the future of justice.

“This is great news for our entire working group,” says winner Ariane Deladrière. “And also for the judiciary, actually for everyone. If you write down rights in clear language, people will understand them much better. The Wablieft Prize is a great reward for all employees of this project.”

The text is currently being tested at the Brussels North police zone, in Namur, Eupen and Limburg in the Capital Region. After an evaluation, the text will be used in every police zone.

In addition to ‘Clear Declaration of Rights’, science journalist HLN Martijn Peters and the video series ‘Digiwatte’ were also nominated.

The prize for clear language had its first winner in 1997. That was weatherman Frank Deboosere. Other winners included VTM journalist Stef Wauters (2021), virologist Steven Van Gucht (2020) and the Flemish PhD Cup (2019).