Claudia Perrotta, the artist who explores beauty and memory in her works

Claudia Perrotta is a plastic artist who has been dedicated to creating works that challenge the limits of forms and materials for more than 30 years. Her work is characterized by a constant search for beauty and reflection, which is expressed in a tension between intense abstraction and uncertain spaces.

His artistic style has evolved throughout his career, going through different stages and experimenting with different techniques. In his early days, he leaned towards a furious, but naive abstraction, which served as a form of expression in tragic moments. Later, he oriented towards a classic expressionism, which valued the beauty of forms far from figuration. Finally, she arrived at what she calls a pop abstraction, which is based on the grace of the plastic resources of graphics.

Currently, Claudia is working on a series titled “Where permanence lives,” which is a personal and emotional project, where she explores her past and present through fragments that built her identity. In these works, she intervenes painting with photographs and unconventional materials, such as fabrics, threads, buttons, ribbons and everyday objects. Perrotta’s intention is to establish a dialogue with the viewer, who faces the dilemma of touching or just looking at the elements that make up each piece.

Claudia is inspired by her own experience, her memory and her thoughts. She also draws on the works and words of other artists, such as Horacio Zabala, with whom she agrees that responsible artistic practice excludes any imposition or determined truth. Her work has been recognized and praised by critics and colleagues, such as Adolfo Sequeira, who highlights the claim of her beauty as a spell of her.

Perrotta is an artist who does not conform to what is established, but seeks to innovate and surprise with her works. You can learn more about her work on her website, her Instagram, and her Facebook.


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