Claudia de Breij severely attacked after threat: ‘Shut up!’

Claudia de Breij is being attacked quite hard after her threat to reveal more cases of inappropriate behavior. “Either throw it outside or shut up!”


It really bothers Claudia de Breij that certain people react so trivially to the shocking results of the Van Rijn report. “The reaction of certain men to the Van Rijn report is so embarrassing that I will just keep the stories I have experienced with me,” she writes in an now deleted post on Threads.

‘Shut up!’

It is not clear what exactly she means by that and what she has experienced. So you really won’t get anywhere with such a mysterious threat, says Private Boss Evert Santegoeds.

Evert attacks Claudia quite hard in his podcast Strictly Private: “That is also a contribution from Jan K*t, you cannot deduce anything from that of course. It’s yet another noise thrown onto the road, but she doesn’t say anything. Either throw it out or shut up. What has she been through again?”

Light a fire

This is a mistake by Claudia, says the editor-in-chief. “This is a contribution… This makes no sense at all, this is stoking the fire further and more trouble. Then say what you knew, then say what you know. It is now or never.”

He continues: “It’s like a wedding, you know. If you know why a marriage should not be performed, you must say it now in church or remain silent forever. That’s how I feel about things like this.”

Have fun at DWDD

Evert seems to really hate the comedian. He also seems to think she’s hypocritical. “Claudia de Breij’s contribution has been minimal so far and she also sat there laughing at that De Wereld Draait Door table when it suited her.”

He concludes: “Then say what you know or shut up.”