Clara: Sanremo 2024, Rough diamonds, Sea outside, Ivana Spagna

Llaunched by the cult series Sea outside, Clara made her debut in Sanremo 2024 in the Big with a modern and powerful song entitled Rough diamonds. Where he sings the importance of accepting imperfections and fragilityas he explained a little while ago in the press conference.

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Clara, the star of Sea outside in Sanremo 2024

Winner of Sanremo Giovani 2023 with Blvdthe very young Milanese singer Clara had the burden and honor of opened the first evening of the event yesterday musical.

«It was a dream. Opening a festival that is a symbol of Italian culture was a great responsibility. I discovered that I was first in the lineup while I was at lunch and my stomach closed » she declared in the press conference.

To then continue «I was shaking when I went down the stairs but luckily Amadeus held my hand up to the microphone stand.”

Clara (Words For You Press Office)

The song Rough diamonds and the duet with Ivana Spagna

Written in a complicated moment of his life, Rough diamondsas the singer explained, «it is an invitation to be yourself, not to chase perfection, to accept insecurities and fragilities. I want to send the message to enjoy every moment 100% and have no regrets.”

For Clara, too the video that accompanies the songdirected by Attilio Cusani, wants to be an invitation to unite generations and fight prejudices. «In the clip, a group of friends and I arrive at a party and find some adults who initially look at us badly but then join us in dancing».

As for the duet on the Cover evening, Clara chose Ivana Spagna and the song The circle of life taken from the soundtrack of The Lion King of 1994. «A song that represents my childhood. It also has an important meaning for me. Rough diamonds talks about fragility while The circle of life contains all the meaning of life itself.”

The meeting with Spain was also decisive for Clara «She is a 360° artist who has always remained true to herself. Even when I looked at her in interviews I always thought of a woman who has always fought to assert herself.”

The character of Sea outside and the new album

The debut album will be released on February 16th of Clara, First, which will be followed by a tour of clubs throughout Italy. «It’s an album that contains the Clara of the last year but there are also more sides of me. Very happy songs but also much more reflective.”

With regard to Sea outside Instead, Clara told how she got into the cult series where she plays the role of the trapper Crazy J. Singer, in the series, of the cult song Origami at dawn.

«It was a period where my music wasn’t working the way I wanted. I didn’t dream of being an actress but the director of the series, Ivan Silvestrini, contacted me on Instagram and offered me the role of Crazy J. In her I see the adolescent Clara, rebellious even if for certain things we are antithetical. After the performance, land my set mates Serena Viola and Maria Esposito called me to compliment me. I was really over the moon.”