Clara Ponsatí denounces the Government for denying her information about reports from the Mossos d’Esquadra

The MEP for Junts, Clara Ponsatihas announced that it will file a judicial appeal against the Government alleging that the Mossos d’Esquadra have denied it information on police actions against pro-independence protesters.

The European parliamentarian accuses the Generalitat of “repression” against pro-independence protesters and assures that she is taking the case to the TSJC to prevent the Mossos from continuing to act, she maintains, as a “necessary collaborator of the Spanish State”.

Ponsatí, according to the note that he has released, asked the Department of the Interior for a series of data on police action but the request regarding the reports was rejected. “The Generalitat should be protecting the Catalans and instead it is repressing them,” the European deputy, who is not a member of Junts per Catalunya, maintains in the note.


Specifically, the MEP submitted two requests for access to public information to the Department of the Interior last year, requesting the police reports related to the pro-independence demonstrations from 2018 to 2020 and a list of the criminal proceedings that had arisen. After receiving no response, according to the MEP, she filed a claim with the Guarantee Commission of the Rights of Access to Public Information (GAIP), in which it also requested the criminal proceedings initiated as a result of the demonstrations in which the Generalitat was represented as a private prosecution.

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The Government’s response, signed by the general director of the police, was to reject the request, invoking the limits of the right of access to information and the fact that the reports were part of a judicial proceeding and therefore were subject to the secrecy of the judicial proceedings. The GAIP resolved that the reports are not public information. Subsequently, Interior communicated to Ponsatí a list of 455 certificates and 30 procedures criminal proceedings in which the Generalitat is a private prosecution.

Ponsatí filed an appeal alleging that as an MEP she has the right to information and alleging that the actions of the police should be able to be audited. In any case, the MEP, in view of the list received, accuses the Mossos and the Government of “collaboration” with the State and denounces arbitrary police action.