City of Cottbus terminates the rental agreement of the former Galeria branch

The new Aachen branch in Cottbus was actually supposed to open a few weeks ago, but now the rental agreement has been terminated without notice.

In March, Aachener announced the takeover and continuation of four existing Galeria Kaufhof branches. One of the locations of desire was the department store in Coburg, which has been owned by the city since May. A rental agreement subsequently concluded between the Aachen parent company TEH Textilhandel GmbH and the city was terminated without notice due to violations of the obligations under the rental agreement, the city of Coburg announced on Tuesday.

City of Cottbus: inevitable reaction

The city administration did not provide precise information about the violations committed by Aachener with a view to further contractual agreements, but Mayor Tobias Schick spoke of an unfortunate but unavoidable reaction on the part of the city in the situation that has now arisen. A corresponding letter was already handed over to the company last weekend.

The termination comes a few days after a leadership change within the clothing chain’s parent company. The previous managing director Friedrich-Wilhelm Göbel withdrew from his position and made way for Oliver Nobel, who was appointed sole managing director of TEH Textilhandel GmbH. The change in management is “supported by the landlords of the fashion stores,” emphasized the new Aachen boss in a statement on Monday.

Göbel, who was head of the Sinn fashion chain before his time at Aachen, recently made a name for himself through negative headlines. According to press reports, there is an arrest warrant against the entrepreneur because he failed to appear at a court date at the beginning of November.