City and law building in Mechelen bekogeld met molotovcocktails | mechelen

First it is the house of Mechelaar in the Reuzestraat that is billed, and then there is a clear statement on the right to the justice building of Mechelen. Because it is a pity that there is a pity on the cables of the traffic system, in the house of the Mechelaars there is space on the communications site. The branding will be based on the placement and control of the situation as soon as possible on the controls.

Also de politie is the place for other areas in the park will be cleared. “Uit de first vaststellingen is bebleken dat er met a Molotovcocktail gegooid,” says parketwoordvoerster Lieselotte Claessens van de Mechelse Afdeling van het Antwerpse parket. “Het labo is onderweg for the nodige vaststellingen.” The status has now been given to the local researcher in the political zone of Rivierenland.