THE felines they climb trees, it’s in their nature. This instinct, combined with the irrepressible and instinctive curiosity and passion for everything that swings and is new, make it difficult to think of a peaceful coexistence of cats with Christmas trees.

    Cats and Christmas Trees, an irresistible temptation

    Of course, it depends on the character of the catmaybe he’ll just sniff the balls and not touch anything, but anyone who knows cats knows that’s very unlikely.

    More easily, after the moment of initial amazement, he will start to play and throw every decoration on the groundto chew branches and festoons, and to gradually take possession of the tree until reaching the top.

    Solutions to reduce damage

    In gallery there are more or less accessible (and very comical) solutions to reduce the damage. There are those who put the tree in a cage, those who decorate thorny cacti, those who simply hang a poster on the wall, those who bring the tree down from the ceiling and those who directly decorate the scratching posts.

    And then there are those who use the fears of cats to protect the tree, and choose monstrous solutions or surround it with vacuum cleaners… or tangerines. Remedies, obviously, to be avoided for the good and health of our cat friend.

    Some advice:

    Happy Christmas.