Lrunning to Christmas gifts 2022 can be said to be officially open. Orienting yourself in the choice can be complex, given the vastness of the offer: and it is always them who create many problems for the busy Santa Claus, fashion lovers with their picky tastes. What to give to those who are always one step ahead of the trends? When you run out of ideas, a foolproof method is to bet on must-haves more suitable for every age group.

    The perfect Christmas gifts 2022 a 20,30,40,50 and 60 years old? Her gift to every fashionista, ranging from clothing to accessories and trying to please everyone. Starting with the pockets…

    20 years

    Budding trendsetters who are divided between University and TikTok videos? It’s hard to go wrong with the younger ones: just focus on a gift suitable for their generation. A christmas sweater trendy to show off with pride (Polo Ralph Lauren), the down filled comforter most popular among the stars of the moment (The North Face), or a precious but up-to-date jewel (Alexandra Camilla).

    Embroidered sweater, Polo Ralph Lauren.

    30 years

    Thirty-year-olds know exactly what they want. Intercepting the needs of Millennials is not that impossible: the secret is to play it safe, focusing on seasonal pieces. Not the classic striped sweater, but the model that launched the trend (Khaite); not the traditional wool cap, rather the baseball cap of the moment. In corduroy and with the logo, like that of Celinecollege-style.

    Velvet baseball cap, Celine.

    40 years

    Forty years old and not feeling them? Today it is more than a figure of speech. The mission is to rejuvenate the wardrobe, often with sought-after or less-seen pieces. A pair of no logo loafers (Bottega Veneta), a merino wool skirt (Artknit Studios), but also the revisited string of pearls (Colored necklaces). Without forgetting thetrendy diary from workaholic (Missoni for Moleskine).

    Leather loafers, Bottega Veneta.

    50 years old

    The perfect 2022 fashion Christmas gifts for those over 50: traditional and modern together. The classic turtleneck covered with maxi braids (Max Mara Studio), or comfortable sneakers for the office but made of sustainable materials (Chloé). In addition to the timeless It Bag, rigorously red (Valextra).

    Leather handbag, Valextra.

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    60 years

    What to give to the most fashionable over 60 in the column? Of colored leather gloves lined in cashmere, the stop yoke original which still, perhaps, does not have – despite the large collection of scarf.

    Lady, to whom? To amaze her.