during the Holidays, you know, indulge in the classic binges and indulge in some too much gluttony, it’s practically part of the tradition. Ban, therefore, feelings of guilt: there is in fact time for recover and return to healthy habits of the period before Christmas.

    However, if binges and extravagance have left their mark, presenting the bill with some minor annoyances and making the return to normal more difficult than expected, it can be relied on some ad hoc strategy.

    First of all, it’s good to know what happens to the body when you eat more than expected, what are the symptoms and what are the consequences of the classic binges. To provide answers and advice I am the Naturalsalus experts, a start-up focused on the research and formulation of natural products. Here’s everything you need to know.

    Christmas binges: what are the consequences for the body?

    Letting yourself go to the temptations of the table, during the Holidays, is a moment, so often it is easy to lose sight of the sense of the limit. But what are the consequences?

    «The classic Christmas and New Year’s “binges” can lead to the elevation of systemic pressure due to the increased intake of salts and sugars with consequent dilatation of the stomach, tomomentary increase in fluid retention, cholesterol and blood sugar level. – explains the scientific director of the brand, Dr Luigi Alberto Marrari, Specialist in Pharmacology – Especially if the foods we are going to consume, as often happens during the holidays, are rich in carbohydrates, fats, salt and refined sugars, the first tangible consequence is, immediately after lunch, the classic nausea with or without headache and digestive difficulties essentially involving the alteration of the basal metabolic rate”.

    Christmas binges: the effects on the digestive system and liver

    In these conditions there are therefore different organs that are affected by excesses at the table.

    “Primarily the gastrointestinal tractin particular the gallbladder or gallbladder, organ of the digestive system responsible for the accumulation and concentration of bile which produces bile salts capable of solubilizing ingested fats and fat-soluble vitamins, facilitating their digestion and absorption – explains Dr. Marrari – Lastly, and last but not least, another body that is very busy during the Christmas period is the liver which, being the chemical laboratory of our organism, is also responsible for detoxification of harmful substances».

    The rules to get back to feeling good

    It is therefore important to get back on track, re-educating the body to eat properly but also doing constant physical activity and allowing yourself the right amount of rest.

    Even if we often tend to underestimate it, in fact, breaking a habit can prove difficult and tiring, and this can lead to losing the right motivation to continue with good resolutions after the holidays.

    Christmas binges: yes to quinoa and brown rice

    So the first rule is focus on the right detox strategies.

    “Our body needs start a detoxification and purification process – explain the experts of Naturalsalus – We then insert it into our daily routine 2 liters of water, carrots, apples, ginger and turmeric, artichokes, citrus fruitswithout forgetting the quinoa and brown rice. The fibers they play a fundamental role in purification processes. The green tea, thanks to its antioxidant and purifying properties, it will then be the ideal companion for breaks and moments of relaxation».

    Diet, here are the strategies to lose weight at any age (and safely)

    Finding the right balance between good and bad cholesterol

    Equally important, after the Holidays, is trying to find the right balance between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

    «To do this, we start in the morning, with one oatmeal breakfastthen we add the inevitable to our meals olive oil and we resort to nuts and fresh fruit (apples and citrus fruits) as snacks between one meal and another – the experts recall – Then there must be i legumes, vegetables, oily fish and whole grains».

    Reactivate the metabolism after binge eating

    To stimulate the metabolism, however, the main strategy is say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle.

    «Physical activity and the reduction of fat mass in favor of muscle tissue are fundamental factors for accelerate metabolic activity – recall the experts of Naturalsalus – Furthermore, an important help comes from consumption of citrus fruits, rich in vitamin C, dal blue fishrich in iodine, and come on tomatoeswhich in addition to vitamin C are rich in iron ».

    Stop calorie absorption

    Of course, to keep the body healthy it is essential to control body weight and health reduction of blood fatsalso for prevent cardiovascular disease.

    So how to reduce caloric absorption after the Holidays? «The perfect foods are sweet potatoes, the dried fruit, and the irreplaceable ginger – underline the experts – without forgetting to drink plenty of water and fiber in large quantities”.

    Christmas binges: natural remedies

    If then the binges left as a consequence stomach acid, bloating or other minor ailments, it may be useful to resort to some ad hoc natural remedies. «Nature is of great help in countering the adverse effects of food excesses» – concludes Dr. Marrari.

    In the gallery above, here it is 8 natural remedies recommended to counteract the effects of binge eating.