Chocolate Babka: the brioche recipe that comes from the East

For the dough:
500 g type 00 flour (320 W)
11 g fresh brewer’s yeast
80 g water
70 g sugar
120 g eggs
10 g salt
100 g butter
75 g milk
1 vanilla pod.
For the filling:
150 g chocolate chips
100 g chopped hazelnuts
200 g chocolate cream.
For garnish: maple syrup.

The recipe for


Pour all the ingredients, except the butter, into a bowl and knead for 10 minutes. Slowly add the butter in pieces and proceed with the dough for another 10 minutes. Leave to rise for 12 hours in the refrigerator.

Chocolate babka. Recipe by Fulvio Marino and photos by Eunice Brovida, taken from “Dulcis in forni” (Mondadori)

Once the indicated time has elapsed, roll out the dough with a rolling pin to form a rectangle and fill with chocolate cream and chopped hazelnuts. Roll the filled rectangle of dough on itself, cut the loaf obtained in half, to form 2 loaves, and braid them.

Place in a loaf pan and let rise until doubled. Bake in the oven at 180°C for 40 minutes. Remove from the oven and polish the surface with maple syrup.

“Dulcis in the oven” by Fulvio Marino (Mondadori).

The baker’s tips

Speaking of bread, sweets and flours, Fulvio Marino knows everything: the family mill is very famous and he is also the manager of the Eataly bakeries, as well as a “TV star”. In Last but not least in the oven (Mondadori) reveals many tricks of the trade. The recipes? Super.

The décor idea

Babka is the brioche that comes from the East. From Warsaw to Tirana preparing for the holidays, e.g with its interweaving (do we mean embrace?) of sweet loaves, it brings goodness. In our opinion also on Valentine’s Day, with the best hazelnuts from the Langhe (Fulvio Marino is from Cuneo). On a slate cutting board it will look just like him on the breakfast table.