News item | 28-04-2022 | 15:09

    The cabinet has released most of the corona measures. As a result, no specific measures apply to childcare. The Childcare & COVID-19 protocol will therefore expire on 25 April 2022. If the virus flares up again, so that the cabinet announces new measures, the protocol can be reactivated.

    In the information document Childcare & COVID-19 you will find references to websites with more information about the general corona measures that apply, but also with other relevant information related to childcare and COVID-19.

    Quarantine advice change

    If you have been in close contact with someone who has corona, you no longer have to stay at home. However, the advice is to avoid contact with the elderly and people with vulnerable health. Do this up to 10 days after the last close contact with someone with corona. Do you get complaints that could indicate corona? Then test yourself as soon as possible.

    If the test result is positive, you will still be in isolation for at least 5 days.


    The advice for pregnant employees (28 weeks and beyond) remains in effect for the time being. This means that other suitable activities must be organized for pregnant employees from the third trimester of their pregnancy.