Chiara Ferragni: «They have been tough days, it’s not a good year»

Chiara Ferragni he wants to return to his followers. After theinterview given to Corriere della Sera and awaiting your intervention a What’s the weather like Sunday, the digital entrepreneur is becoming increasingly active again social. He started with a few posts and some shots shared between Instagram Stories; now, she finally broke the silence. Reiterating, once again, that this is not a simple period for her.

Chiara Ferragni and the outburst in video: «I'm full of all the bad luck of this period»

Chiara Ferragni: «They were tough days»

«Hi guys, I haven’t been in touch here for a while. They’ve been some tough days.”: here are the first words of the influencer after the news of the crisis with Fedez. “I wanted to say hello and see how you are doing,” he adds. Then thanking the millions of followers who do not stop supporting her and following her in this complicated moment: «I read you and I want to thank you because you know how to always be close to me at any moment of my life. So, thank you.”

The year of the bull? It’s not a good year

The businesswoman at the Christian Dior Haute Couture show during Paris Fashion Week on July 3, 2023 in Paris. (Credit: Marc Piasecki/WireImage)

In subsequent stories, the digital entrepreneur shares a coincidence with her followers that makes her laugh. «In theory this is the year of the bull, but it seems to me that it is anything but a good year for now. But let’s stay positive” He says. Moreover, in recent times, sentimental ones have also been added to the judicial problems of Pandoro-gate.

But the followers do not let her lack their affection: «We are with you!!! Always” they write to them. «And I am eternally grateful to you. In moments like these I feel your affection and support even stronger» she replies. And again: “Come on Chiara… after the storm the rainbow always comes out” the fans write. “You don’t know how much I’m waiting for it” reveals the digital entrepreneur.

Bad period also for Fedez

Fedez is also going through a complicated period. In addition to the marital crisis, in fact, the rapper has to face legal problems related to the podcast Wild moss. Not only. During a workout you are chipped a tooth. To the point that the singer joked via social media about this decidedly unfortunate period.

And Myrta Merlino, who is following the Ferragnez case for Afternoon 5, he gave him, through his envoy, a lucky horn. Irony aside, the Mediaset presenter encouraged Fedez via social media: «Come on boy! He’s got a good night’s sleep »he wrote in the Instagram Stories.