ANDra the most awaited of all the Festival. The time has come and finally Chiara Ferragni made her debut in Sanremo 2023. After descent from the staircase and the ritual presentation of the singers in the competition, the spotlights focused on her. She brought one monologue in the form of letter addressed to Chiara as a childbut also at women listening.

    Chiara Ferragni in Sanremo 2023: «We all have the writing fragile on our skin”

    Clear concepts, expressed in simple words, but that arrive. A stream of consciousness that focuses on anxieties, insecurities and never feeling up to par. Even when you reach unexpected heights. «Hello baby, there is one thing that makes me feel bad at any stage of my life: not feeling enough. Above all, I would like to tell you this: you are enough. You always have been“, He says.

    «The most important challenges are always in our heads and only with ourselves», goes on. «Growing up you will live all kinds of experiences. There will be many moments of happiness, but also many moments full of fear and anxiety. Enjoy the wind, enjoy all those moments too. Live them with all of yourself. Cry, get angry, scream. They will be part of your journey and more than ever they will be part of you.

    Chiara Ferragni co-host of the Sanremo Festival 2023: the announcement of Amadeus on TG1

    “You’ll understand that you’re fine this way. We all have the inscription fragile on our skin. We are boxes that contain wonder and must be opened with care». Then he shifts the focus to some of the causes he deals with from his social profiles. Maternity primarily. «You will become a mother and you will be the same person with the same doubts and insecurities as always. Being a parent will be the most tiring job of all also because the only people who will be able to give the final judgment on your work will be your children».

    Clare Ferragni. (Getty Images)

    “We women are used to making ourselves small in front of insecure men”

    A stab on the man-woman debate follows. “Often you will feel guilty. You will almost feel wrong to have other dreams than family. Our society has taught us that when you become a mother you have a new identity already established and identified. You are just a mom. How many times does society make women feel guilty because they stay away from their children while working? Always. How many times is the same treatment reserved for men? Never».

    Again, advice to celebrate successes, «the big ones, but also the small ones, that no one sees and that will make you proud of yourself». And speaking of successes, the climax arrives: «Never belittle yourself in front of anyone. We women we are used to making ourselves small in front of insecure men. And someone who even accepted that someone took credit for inventing it tells you and let that be the narrative for years before, to realize how wrong this whole thing was.”

    Finally, a warning. “As a woman you will face many battles. From having to work twice as hard as a man to get taken seriously to not being able to live freely in your body. Because if you hide it you’re a nun, if you show it you’re a bitch. Every day you will read hundreds of messages and comments that will remind you of this normalized sexism. You challenge them and never be afraid of the consequences of being who you are. Being a woman is not a limitation. Say that. Tell your friends. Shout it out to anyone, for life, and fight together, every day, to change things. I’m trying to do it right now.”

    Chiara Ferragni and DiRe. together against violence against women

    Soon after returns to the stage together with the representatives of the DiRe association. – Women on the net against violence to launch another message. «I wanted to thank you, Ama, and Rai, for allowing me to share this important staircase with these women. Strong women, but who above all help other women to be strong every day», he adds.

    In the weeks leading up to the start of Sanremo 2023, Ferragni has made it known that he has donated the entire cachet to the association, which has more than 100 active centers on the national territory. Every year they welcome approx 20,000 women, victims of physical and psychological violence, but “to overcome this crime, a revolution is needed”. The reference goes to the questions that “reinforce the sense of guilt, shame, which keep women silent”, they say.

    «We welcome women in difficulty free of charge in anonymity. We help them to recognize her violence and harm and also to protect their children ». The wish is to live a life “free from violence”.

    The debut as co-host: test passed?

    Since the day of the announcement on Tg1, admirers and detractors have wondered how he would manage. “Will he make it? Will she prove herself worthy?”the frequently asked questions. On Tuesday 7 February, in a press conference, Gianni Morandi declared: «Everyone knows her inside a mobile phone. Finally they will get to know you and they will discover the extraordinary effect you have had on me, on Amadeus and on everyone you have met in recent days. A professional.”

    And, indeed, Chiara Ferragni has demonstrated it since her arrival on the Ariston stage. Light, loose, sunny, smiling. Agitated, by her own admission, but perfectly up to the most difficult stage of the Italian show. Much more than dozens of colleagues who have preceded her in recent years.

    So, test passed. In defiance of those who hoped that a fashion icon born on social media could not ferry to the small screen. Television and social networks are two different things, they said. Maybe that’s not the case anymore. Maybe something has really changed.