Chiara Ferragni, hand without ring and profile photo without Fedez

Even the photo of the hand without the wedding ring was seen by many fans of the influencer as a sign of a breakup

The couple’s dinner on Valentine’s Day, well documented through stories on Instagram, was not enough to silence the rumors of crisis between Chiara Ferragni and Fedez which have been chasing each other for weeks now, more or less since last December, when the Antitrust fined the influencer over a million euros. In the last few hours, thanks to a series of cryptic stories on Instagram, the rumors have started to chase each other again with insistence.

The most attentive will have already noticed that since last December neither Fedez nor Chiara Ferragni have published couple photo and the only occasions in which the two spouses showed themselves together can be counted on the fingers of one hand: New Year’s Eve with the family, a few weekends together with their children Leone and Vittoria and dinner for Valentine’s Day. We don’t know what’s happening in the Ferragnez house, but in these last hours the photo shared by Chiara without the famous wedding ring did making fans of the couple suspicious.

The new profile photo of Chiara Ferragni

Another clue comes from the profile photo on Instagram, changed by the influencer and digital entrepreneur in the last few hours: instead of a family portrait, the 36-year-old from Cremona has put one one with her children, but without her husband Fedezwho today continues to keep the family photo in his profile.

A hidden meaning in Rihanna’s song?

The Ferragnezs spent the weekend separated, him together with his friend and stylist Donatella Versace, she with her friends and children Leone and Vittoria, documenting everything on Instagram. One story in particular, however, attracted the attention of fans: the 36-year-old shared a song by Rihanna, What Nowwith a specific phrase: “I’ve ignored this lump in my throat for a long time, I shouldn’t cry, tears are for the weak. I know well the days when I’m stronger, so I say there’s something missing.”

The influencer explained that What Now is one of his favorite songs of all time and this should serve to put a stop to those who have looked for a message in those words that Ferragni wanted to send to his fans, but many clues give evidence and suspicion that there is an air of crisis in Ferragnez house remains, even following the unfortunate interview that Fedez wanted to do it to Marco Travaglioin the latest episode of the Muschio Selvaggio podcast, in an attempt to defend his wife from the storm that has overwhelmed her in recent months.