Cher visited the seriously ill Tina Turner before she died

Following Tina Turner’s death, which became known on May 24, Cher opened up about her visit with the singer in a newly released conversation. Despite her serious illness, she was “really happy”, according to the 77-year-old. “I started visiting her because I thought, ‘I need to invest this time in our friendship so she knows we haven’t forgotten her.’ We took turns hanging out with her and that made her really happy,” she said.

Tina Turner confided in Cher that she was “ready” to die. “I don’t want to put up with this anymore,” Cher quotes the late rock ‘n’ roll singer.

Cherilyn Sarkisian, as the California singer’s real name is, remembers that when Tina Turner first visited, she told her that she didn’t have much time to hang out. “Then five hours later we were laughing like crazy and she wanted to get up and show me everything she bought for her house,” Cher continued. “She was having a good time even though she was really sick and didn’t want people to know about it.”

Later, while speaking to Ari Melber, Cher revealed that Turner had a dialysis machine at home. This indicates that Tina Turner died as a result of her kidney disease. In 2017 her husband Erwin Bach donated a kidney to her.

“There’s no person quite like her,” Cher said at the end of the conversation. “We were perfect friends for each other.”