08/06/2022 at 08:19


    The English club would be willing to pay more than 70 million and the full-back for the Dutchman

    If he does not reach an agreement with Frenkie, he will let Marcos Alonso out for a direct sale

    Chelsea and Barça are already trying to close the transfer of Frenkie de Jong to the London club and winger Marcos Alonso would be included in the operation. The London club has already launched an economic offer of around 70 million euros plus the left-back for Frenkie and they are convinced that an agreement could be reached, although the footballer himself would need to be convinced. In the event that De Jong does not want to go to Chelsea, the English club would sell Marcos Alonso for less than ten million to Barça.

    This weekend has been marked practically as a stop to try to put the operation on track, although Chelsea admits that it will be very difficult to convince De Jong, who is still very entrenched in his idea of ​​continuing at Barça. In fact, his environment is making numbers to lower his salary and be able to have a place in the Blaugrana squad. If that is not possible, Frenkie would agree to talk to Chelsea and the deal could be closed.

    Marcos Alonso is waiting for an agreement between clubs, which may or may not be linked to the transfer of De Jong. In the event that the Dutchman does not go to London, Chelsea and Barça will try to close the pure and simple transfer operation for a figure of less than 10 million euros. In any case, the left-back is calm and hallucinating with the news that is coming out of his future. Neither he nor he has said goodbye to anyone, nor is he going to leave Chelsea immediately, nor is he going to travel to Barcelona this weekend.

    Marcos Alonso has not even reached a full agreement with Barça on his particular contract. Despite everything, he has the word of the Blaugrana club that they will sign him and next week they are going to try to put everything on track, although they would not sign him until the next to be able to register him normally. For now he will wait in London and the only thing he has asked is not to play to avoid injuries and because he already feels out of the club.