Charly Luske is quite pissed off on RTL Boulevard. He thinks that the RTL 4 show section takes his statements very much out of context. “Guys, what is this now? This is thrill seeking!”

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    In addition to the fact that Charly Luske is angry at RTL because the channel has removed its much-watched Voice performance from YouTube, the singer is now also pissed off at the channel’s show section: RTL Boulevard. He has made an article of some statements he made in Panorama magazine about the abuse riot around The Voice.

    ‘Just a Flirt’

    Charly whitewashes the behavior of Jeroen Rietbergen, Linda de Mol’s ex, who misbehaved as band leader of The Voice. “I’ve known Jeroen for twenty years, he’s just a flirt. But I’ve never seen him touch anyone or do anything like that,” says the singer in the magazine.

    He continues: “A number of things have also been proven that have not happened, so you just have to be super careful with trial by media. Wrong is wrong, but how are you going to rectify it if it turns out not to be? Those careers are broken.”

    angry reactions

    It article that RTL Boulevard has written about this provokes quite a few reactions on the Instagram page of the program. “It is logical that Charly sees it that way. They have the same standards and values,” says Hinda, for example.

    Chantal: “What a loser! Since you’ve never seen it, does that mean it doesn’t exist?”

    And Greetje: “When your son and daughter say they have been assaulted and are completely traumatized by it, do you also say: ‘I didn’t see it, maybe it was a flirt?’ ”

    Charlie angry

    Charly believes that RTL Boulevard has taken his statements out of context. “RTL Boulevard, seriously?? Guys…what is this? I said trial by media is dangerous. And that wrong is wrong, but that people should not be judged for the facts are known,” he responds on the Insta page of the program.

    Boulevard is very keen on sensation, he thinks. “This is sensation seeking… And really just framing. Unfortunately.”


    You can find the angry reactions to Charly under the Insta post below: