Charles Groenhuijsen finds it very understandable that Simon Keizer does not want to say anything about the persistent rumors about cheating. “Those kinds of questions are with me too off limits.”

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    It’s starting to get a bit boring now, but they took care of the smoothest until a few weeks juice of the country: Nick & Simon. Before they announced their breakup, there had been rumors for weeks about Simon Keizer’s alleged cheating. For that reason, Nick Schilder would no longer want to be associated with him.

    Charles understands Simon

    Nick & Simon have since commented on the relationships between them as a duo, but Simon has not devoted a letter to his alleged cheating. “I decided a while ago to cut myself off from all kinds of negativity. Not paying attention. I class this under that, so: no attention,” he said at Jinek.

    Very good, Op1 presenter Charles Groenhuijsen thinks that. He says in Weekend: “With me it only goes up to a certain limit. It lies with my real private life. Like what is going on with Nick & Simon, that there are rumors and people wonder: is Simon cheating? You may ask me if I do, but you will not get an answer.”

    ‘Off limits’

    If Eva were to ask Charles if he ever cheated on her, she would get no answer. “Things like that are off limits for me. Forbidden area.”

    Speaking of Eva: isn’t Charles very jealous that he can only be on TV one day a week on Op1 and that Eva is on the channel every day? No. “I wouldn’t want to do it full-time, five days a week, like Eva Jinek does. But he also earns a little more than me, haha.”

    More often in Op1

    Charles, however, finds one day a week quite rare. “I’m 68, you have to know your place at this age. I could do it two or three times a week in terms of pace, but that’s just not going to happen because of the broadcasting policy.”

    “But I really enjoy it at Omroep Max. People my age, over 65, who can do these kinds of things, that’s really nice.”