Charles Groenhuijsen pissed off, blocks NPO colleague Roos Moggré

Charles Groenhuijsen, presenter of Op1, is apparently very annoyed by Roos Moggré. He has blocked the presenter of EenVandaag on Twitter. “Were you trolling him?”


The 68-year-old Charles Groenhuijsen is annoyed by the green and yellow: the magazines that the major newspapers distribute at the weekend. The presenter of Omroep MAX has devoted an entire twitter message to it, which was discussed last night in the live broadcast of the program Media Inside.

Lost Charles?

Marcel van Roosmalen is particularly surprised that Charles reads the Volkskrant, the AD and the NRC. “I find it striking that he has three newspaper subscriptions.”

Colleague Gijs Groenteman: “Speaking of wasting paper.”

Marcel: “Exactly, and I don’t have the impression that he reads it all, because I have the impression that he has lost his way. When you see him present Op1, you think: the ship is rocking. I also think it’s bullshit. It is fantastic that those magazines exist.”

Twitter block

Roos then remarks that Charles doesn’t like her. “You can read his tweets, but he blocked me. I do not know how it happened. I think he blocked a lot of people on Twitter.”

Gijs shocked: “Yes?!”

Rose: “Yes.”

Gijs: “Yes, but you were trolling him again, I think.”

Rose: “No! I never had a fight with him or anything.”

Day older

Gijs: “Do you remember when it happened?”

Rose: “No. I think at one point there were more people on Twitter saying, ‘Did Charles block you too?’”

Gijs: “Yes, but Marcel has already noticed here: Charles is getting older and doesn’t quite remember it anymore.”

Big hands

Marcel: “He wants like, but blocks. He sits with those big hands on it. Incidentally, he is also in those magazines all the time. I can remember whole stories, both in the AD and Volkskrant Magazine, about his guitars, because that’s what he plays these days. It’s a confused man and leave him. It’s okay, Rose.”

Gijs: “It might also be a good thing that he blocked you, I think.”


Charles’ tweet: