Charles Groenhuijsen does not want Marcel van Roosmalen at the Op1 table

Marcel van Roosmalen is welcome at Op1, but not when Charles Groenhuijsen serves as the presenter. “We apparently once said that he is demented,” the columnist reveals.


As an opinion maker with a sharp opinion, Marcel van Roosmalen is regularly asked to participate in talk shows. The editors of Op1 also know how to find him. For example, the program was often on his phone last week. “Op1 called, an editor,” he begins his story in the podcast Another Day.

Op1 calls Marcel

What did that editor say? “He said: ‘Marcel, can I ask you if you are often in first class?’ I said, “Yeah, I’m in first class quite often.” Then she said, ‘Do you mind if second-class people walk through?’”

Marcel answered in the affirmative. “Then I heard myself say, ‘Well, actually. That is not at all the intention of the first class for people from the second class to walk through.’ Well, then I had ping-ping for four days in a row, like, ‘We want a table on this topic.’ At Op1, huh!”

Not at MAX table

Op1 really wanted Marcel to sit at the table, but not on Charles’ evening. “That may not be the MAX table, because we said that Charles Groenhuijsen apparently has dementia. So that had to be done on another day.”

In the end, Marcel decided against the talk show performance. “I said, ‘But I really don’t want to talk about people walking through first class.’”