Charles Groenhuijsen destroyed by VI fans: ‘A lot of hate’

Charles Groenhuijsen has been destroyed by fans of the program since his statements about Today Inside. “They say what an incredible idiot, motherfucker and bastard I am.”


Three weeks ago, Op1 host Charles Groenhuijsen came out quite critical about competitor Today Inside. He’s a little condescending about the country’s most-watched talk show. “I think we have more highly educated people, typically NPO-like viewers. You are of course in a different segment.”

Charles destroyed

Charles’ suggestion that VI mainly attracts stupid viewers and Op1 is there for the intellectual fellow man arouses a lot of resentment. The regular VI guest Job Knoester was also severely annoyed: “This is just misplaced elitist thinking.”

The viewers of the Johan Derksen show think the same about that, Charles notices. He says in Weekend: “To this day I see comments on social media like what an unbelievable idiot, motherfucker and bastard I am because I said that compared to SBS 6, we at Op1 have a slightly more educated audience. While that’s just how it is!”

‘It’s the truth!’

According to Charles, nothing has been lied about. “On average, SBS 6 has a less educated audience than the NPO. It has all been researched, what kind of people watch the different TV channels. On average, the NPO has a fairly old, but generally highly educated audience. So that’s not something I come up with myself.”

There are also threats, Charles thinks. “Sure, but I’ll put that aside, they’ll just go ahead. I’ve blocked a few thousand people on Twitter. So I don’t see what they’re posting, but they’ll probably be scolding again. Again, I’m stating it as fact, it’s not meant to offend at all.”

Other audience

Charles says his claim about the “stupid” VI viewers is based not only on research, but also on his own observation. “We are in the same building and I also see that there is a different audience coming to VI than what we had in the studio when we had an audience.”

Those people just look different, explains Charles. “It’s really a different kind of people. Those are just facts, but then you can’t say that.”


The VI audience breaks in: