Charles and Camilla visited the Eurovision stage – much to the King’s embarrassment with their pranks

King Charles arrived to open the Eurovision stage, but failed to press the button.

There are two big events in England in the coming weeks when the king Charles will be crowned in London on May 6, and the following week Eurovision will be held in Liverpool.

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla visited Liverpool. PDO

On Wednesday, the two worlds came together as King Charles and the Queen Consort Camilla visited the Eurovision stage. The task of the ruling couple was to press a button that would turn on the lights of the large arena, thus opening the arena for competition.

Charles’s button press didn’t go as expected. PDO

The couple dressed in blue pressed the big pink button together. Or at least they tried. Camilla managed to push the button down with her palm, while Charles’ finger ran down the edge of the button.

If the embed doesn’t work, you can see a video of the button being pressed as well from this link.

The king’s moka has indeed been received Instagram-jIn the comments of the outing, there is a lot of joking.

– Charles parka, missed a button. Next time then!

– Did you know that kings used to fight in wars?

– It’s nothing, Charles. However, the button was not genuine.

– He had one task!

However, the lights were turned on. PDO

There are also positive ones among the comments. As the countdown approaches, Charles is still looking around the arena, and Camilla nudges her spouse lightly so that he is ready for the important task. The tender gesture has not gone unnoticed by the viewers.

– I love how Camilla nudged Charles, not staged but like a normal couple.

– A wonderful push!

– They are a great couple.

– Camilla came to the emergency.

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During their visit, Charles and Camilla greeted the Eurovision presenters and the representative of Britain Mae Muller.

Charles and Camilla posed with presenters Scott Mills, Hannah Waddingham, Julia Sanina and Rylan Clark. PDO

Mae Muller, the representative of the British parliament, also got to exchange information with the royal couple. PDO

Eurovision is traditionally hosted by the winning country of the previous year. In 2022, the competition was won by Ukraine, but due to the country’s state of war, this year’s competition will be held in Liverpool. However, the logo of the competition features the flag of Ukraine and several former Ukrainian five-star stars are seen in the intermission shows.