Chance of slippery conditions tonight and tonight, code yellow again

Code yellow applies throughout the country tonight and tonight. It may be slippery locally until tomorrow morning due to freezing of wet road sections.

Code yellow was still in effect in Drenthe this morning. From 9 p.m. tonight, the KNMI will again warn about slippery conditions. From then on, the weather institute has issued code yellow for the entire country. The slipperiness is expected to disappear on Thursday morning when the temperature rises above zero again. The warning applies until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.

According to RTV Drenthe weatherwoman Grieta Spannenburg, it won’t be long before the winter wonderland is a thing of the past. “We are actually already in the thaw and we are heading towards ten degrees. That will be achieved on Sunday, so it is a somewhat slow process.”

Tonight the temperature will still be below freezing, which can make it slippery on the road. During the day the temperature rises and can reach around four degrees. “Tomorrow a southeasterly wind will pick up during the day, then it will be cold and it may become a bit misty.”