César Milani: ex-soldier in the campaign who shoots against the right and the left

Former Army Chief Cesar Milani published on his Twitter account a photo of the deputy of the Left Front, Myriam Bregmannand the deputy for the PRO Christian Ritondogiving each other a hug, and accompanied her with a forceful message with which she questioned the political class: “The most rancid stateless right and the reactionary left, traitor to the national cause, both and in equal measure are the reason for the worst men in our homeland,” tweeted the retired soldier, who in radio statements assured that he does not rule out being a candidate in next year’s elections, since he has “a deep political vocation.”

“I retired and I don’t feel retired. I don’t feel like I have to stay at home. I have a vocation to continue serving my country. I have a deep sense of nationality and a deep political vocation, which I hope I can channel where and when the people believe that I can serve somewhere” Milani had recently declared in an interview with National Radio.

In said interview, and in view of the ruling for the Road Cause, Milani, who defined himself as a “nationalist and Peronist” military man, referred to justice, whom he accused of “not being independent.” “Cristina Kirchner) It has a lot of causes, but does it have any cause? (Mauritius) Macri?”, Shooting.

At the end of last month, his name came up again after he Jaime Stiusothe former SIDE agent, will target him in new statements before the court for the death of the prosecutor Alberto Nisman. Currently, Justice is investigating the role of the intelligence services after Nisman’s death and also the role of Milani, who would have set up an alleged parallel espionage structure.

The former soldier charged against Stiuso and another former SIDE, Miguel Angel Takes, and said that they are “disastrous for Argentine politics and intelligence”, in addition to accusing them of collaborating with the embassies of the United States and Israel. “They are traitors,” Milani said.

Milani was chief of the Army General Staff between July 2013 and June 2015, the year in which Milani requested his retirement, several months before the presidential term of Cristina Kirchner ended and former president Mauricio Macri took office.

Milani’s appointment as head of the Army was not without controversy. He was accused of crimes against humanity during the military dictatorship, specifically for the disappearance of the conscript Agapito Ledo and for kidnapping and torturing Pedro and Ramon Olivera. Justice acquitted him of both cases, but Olivera’s case kept him detained for two and a half years, until August 2019. He also had a case for illicit enrichment, but was acquitted in September.

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