Luke Anear has been lucky on the rally tracks in November.

    Luke Anear drove the final round of the World Rally Championship in Japan. ZUMAPRESS / MVPHOTOS

    In the Asia and Oceania rally championships, a violent collision happened on Saturday. The Supercheap Auto Coffs Coast rally on the west coast of Australia got a rough start right away.

    WRC2 driver Luke Anearin, 45, drove the car too nose-first after jumping down. From there, the car started to roll forward on the gravel road.

    The race organizer released a video of what the exit looked like from the inside. Inside the car, you can see how things fly around along the cabin due to the force of the collision. Karttur From Alan Stephenson sheet music and pencil fall in the melee.

    Finally, the car landed on its roof after several volts. Miraculously, both were saved from the cab with their skins intact.

    You can also watch the video below from here. The story continues after immersion.

    Anear was just under a month ago in another dangerous outing. In the World Rally of Spain in the open class of WRC2, Anear drove out in the dark. The car swayed just centimeters away from a 200-meter drop. Catastrophic consequences were avoided only thanks to one stone, which was stuck in the door frame.

    Anear and his cart Allan Harryman had to wait for about an hour for rescue. Even the slightest wrong move by the rescuers could have plunged the car into a 200-meter drop.