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God possesses some exclusive qualities, such as omnipotence (he who can do everything) and omniscience (he who knows everything and sees everything).

In the diversity of technological gadgets (devices with a specific function) that surround human beings, will the cell phone be a God among them?

The smartphone becomes a constant mediator of a person’s activities throughout their day, from its “powerful eyes and ears” (cameras see and microphones listen, that information that AI uses).

Is there anything left to look outside of your power?

It seems that one of the few times when you don’t look at a screen is when you fall asleep. The eyes close in an attempt to rest, emerging in the dream those “internal images” that escape the data processing of the “God gadget”.

When you are awake, there is also a beyond the pollution of a screen. It is the wonderful activity of fantasizing and imagination, those moments in which the playfulness of thought turns the inner world magical.

“Powerful mind”

In the 21st century it seems impossible to escape the impact of increasingly powerful technology, which progressively “facilitates” certain tasks that workers previously performed. Thus, dependence on machines increases, giving the sensation of becoming “more and more intelligent,” even than some human beings.

“It is a world of machines,
Don’t tell me I don’t have a soul.
When machines take over,
There is no place for you or me.”

(Queen, Machines (Or ‘Back To Humans’)

In the fragment of this beautiful song from 1984, the quintessential aspect of the human being stands out, which marks the difference with machines.

The ability to feel, think and reflect gives rise to what is unique to each person. The “soul” becomes unattainable for any gadget, being artifacts limited to mere data processing.

Allow yourself to dream, feel and vibrate. Letting your gaze fly towards those wonderful horizons, feeling the freedom… that is human, simply human.

Text: Lic German Rothstein.

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