Celebrity Hunted 3, an elopement for Argentero and his wife

das of today they are available on Prime Videos the first episodes of Celebrity Hunted 3the reality thriller that pits nine celebrities intent on escaping from best investigative experts Italian. The protagonists of the new manhunt are Luca Argentero together with his wife Christine Marinothe actors of Gomorrah – the series Salvatore Esposito And Mark D’Amorethe comedians of The Jackal Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo, colleague and TV presenter Katia Follesaand the musical duo Rkomi and Irama.

Who will be able to resist for 14 days? How will they manage to mislead cyber security experts, profilers and human trackers? The fugitives have at their disposal a debit card with a limited budget and a first generation mobile phone, they can escape by any means of transport (cars, trains, ships, dinghies, motorcycles, campers, subways) and can ask friends and relatives for help. There are those who will rely on Gianni Morandiwho to Blanco oa Mara Maionchthe. «This year will be a very different edition from the others, fun and full of twists», he assures Katia Follesathis year’s only lone escapee.

Husband and wife: Cristina Marino and Luca Argentero

“We took it as the our honeymoon – he claims Luca Argentero at the press presentation – due to Covid we were unable to leave, then with the birth of Nina and work was complicated to travel. We took 15 days for the our elopement. And what an escape. «In abstinence for 15 days», ironically adds the wife, the duo’s competitor. «He treated me like ballast throughout the escape – comments the husband – like a heavy backpack on his shoulders. Cristina lives everything as a competition, since the preparation she thought about the victory. For me it was just a game.”

And what arguing during the flight from Florence. «If couples don’t fight, they’re boring – Cristina is convinced – and then we don’t argue, we confront each other. He is the polite and rational part of the couple, I’m the instinctive one. We pay each other well. Seeing Celebrity Hunted 3 you will know the real Luca Argentero», word of the little wife. The disguise will be their secret weapon, they will disguise themselves as metalheads and Luca will dye himself blue hair.

The cast of “Celebruty Hunted 3”. (Prime Video)

The two actors of Gomorrah: Marco D’Amore and Salvatore Esposito

The two colleagues and friends bet on low profile And about the seven deadly sins. Messages will be left for the hunters along the route in stages Seven. There will be fun with Salvatore and his anxious moments during the night and Marco who will try to sleep. “I have seen the previous editions of Celebrity Hunted in order not to run into mistakes and try to understand what to do and what not to do – he says Savior– Marco and I adopt a strategy never seen beforeyou will see what we are capable of».

At some point they will ask their friend for help Francis Montanarithe Lebanese of Criminal novel and the motto could not be missing: «He is thoughtless».

Salvatore Esposito. (First Videos)

The musical couple Rkomi and Irama

Friends Irama and Rkomi come out of the comfort zones to pursue something new. They are the most athletic among the competitorsbut «our strong point is improvisation and humility – warns Rkomi – off stage we enjoy making even more noise». “We had fun – adds Irama – this adventure will remain a beautiful memory”. At some point they will call for help Blanco. «It was nice to express ourselves differently than music – admits the new judge of X Factor – has allowed us to be lighter and to get to know each other better. «Mirko wakes up too early in the morning», reveals his friend who adds: «It’s always interesting to get involved and try to escape. With this program we have escaped in every sense », he smiles. The words they use to define their edition of Celebrity Hunted I am “arrogant and rude», just to mention two titles of their songs. And they are not by chance because “we were very arrogant and rude to the hunters – they warn – we constantly provoked them”.


The comedians Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo

«Hunger was the big problemnot the hunters – he says Fabio Balsam – for us it was a culinary journey». “We were being chased, but Fabio really had no intention of running,” points out his friend. «But you have to catch the hunters off guard, don’t do like the others», Fabio the lazy defends himself. THEThe disguise will be their best weapon and they will be helped by Mara Maionchi. “It’s impossible not to feel anxiety in this game, at some point it attacks you and you start to suspect everyone,” he explains Priello», winner of the first edition of LOL. «Celebrity Hunted it is physically heavier, LOL for a comedian it is traumatic,” he comments.

Katia Follesa: the lonely fugitive

«At the beginning I wanted to compete as a couple, then my adventure partner went into hiding and so they offered me to compete alone and I accepted – says the comedian – also to demonstrate that a woman alone, if she wants, can do it». At some point though the husband comes into play. «He intervened to help me and stop», comments Katia, who considers this edition «different from the others, much more fun and full of twists». We’ll see. Who will win? The fierce Marine along with the ballast Argentero or the athletic Irama and Rkomi? Let the surprise come from the duo Esposito-D’Amore?