Ceferin: “I was surprised by the reaction in Spain to the Super League”

05/03/2022 at 19:14


The president of the UEFA, Alexander Ceferinhas always positioned himself against the super league. Two weeks ago, the judge of Madrid’s commercial court 17 lifted the precautionary measures that prevented sanctioning Madrid, Barça and Juventus for the attempt to create the championship. A piece of news that the Slovenian president will surely have liked. This Monday, he has reproached the fans of Spain and Italy for their attitude after the announcement of the new competition, which has ensured that “it’s over“.

When I saw the reaction of the English fans I was impressed.. The fans of France and Germany did not have to do anything for their clubs not to participate. Y I was a bit surprised by the soft reaction of the fans in Spain and Italy, although I understand. Sometimes these things go a bit slower in some countries, and since the Italian teams and Atletico Madrid quickly abandoned the project, there was not enough time to have a stronger reaction from the fans,” Ceferin said of the response. that the fans of these countries gave to the announcement of the Super League.

The 2024/25 season launches a new format for the Champions League. At the moment, there are some official news such as the absence of groups, playing a league ‘all against all’ in Swiss format. However, there are others that have not yet been made official, such as the creation of a Final Four.

Said changes do not displease Ceferin at all, although nothing is definitive yet: “It’s a good idea, but you lose some matches. Dont do it. It is played at home and away, and there are fewer competitions for television rights. It’s too early to share new ideas with the media, but there are plans for the future“.