Catherine Keyl terribly through a mangle after performing in Op1: ‘Stupid!’

Catherine Keyl is a running opinion machine. She may be almost eighty, but she is still in the middle of life and has a point of view on everything. And Op1 is very successful at that.


It is a wonderful outlet for Catherine Keyl: her weekly column in De Telegraaf. The former presenter invariably expresses her spicy opinion, but also constantly comes up with the most curious anecdotes, especially when it comes to her life as a tourist. She likes to travel and experiences all kinds of things abroad.

Adventurer Catherine

Really everything. After being snubbed in Iran for her flip flops, robbed in Paris by a man in weird clothes and fearing IS attacks and street robberies when visiting Brussels, she shuddered at sexual assault during a trip to India. “You can be assaulted anywhere there. In that respect, I find India terrifying.”

How Catherine reaches all those perilous destinations? With KLM of course. And that’s what her piece this week was about. That she finds it such a shame that our airline is seen by some people as a disgrace. The Op1 editors read along and called her immediately. Et voila: Thursday evening she sat at the table.

“Why bash?”

Catherine was allowed to tell Marjan Rintel, the CEO of KLM, that it ‘hurts’ her that the company is under such fire. “Why does such a company have to be bashed like that? If you look at 2000… KLM was our pride then and the people who worked there have a blue heart, so to speak, and now they can no longer do anything right.”

She sticks to her spicy swipe at the brand new climate activist Carice van Houten. “If you lie down on the A12 because you think there should be fewer flights and you then regularly work in America and you have a boyfriend in Australia, then I think: yes, why? Are there no men in the Netherlands or something?”

Fierce criticism

Catherine’s performance earns her a lot of muck. The announcement that she would be a guest alone was reason for critics such as Tim Hofman to react very sharply. “T*ring hey,” the presenter typed, without an asterisk.

And one Ludo (not Janine’s) sarcastically: “It’s really good that such a serious program as Op1 managed to get such a flying expert as Catherine Keyl. Very curious about her input!”

And André: “Couldn’t Dries Roelvink? Doesn’t he often fly to Spain?”

Stupid bullshit

Even after Catherine’s performance, the criticism continues. For example, Astrid Plugge of the political party Volt says: “It is special how that works. That if you are a celebrity you suddenly become an expert in all kinds of subjects. But it’s nice that Catherine Keyl could give such a ‘nuanced’ story about the aviation file.”

Then cynically: “Don’t worry, now we can all sleep peacefully (except for the people around Schiphol).”

And the angry Mr. Geert: “Before the rising sea level puts an end to the Netherlands, we will have long since drowned in the stupid drivel of people like Catherine Keyl.”


It’s raining negative tweets about Catherine: