Catherine Keyl thinks that RTL Boulevard has become increasingly superficial lately. She hopes that the return of presenter Daphne Bunskoek will change that.

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    RTL Boulevard alternates relevant items and show news with the most nonsensical items from types such as Leco van Zadelhoff, Miljuschka Witzenhausen and – worst of all – Nikkie Plessen. According to Catherine Keyl, it is really not to be seen. She thinks that the level of the show section is decreasing more and more.

    Catherine lashes out

    Too bad, says Catherine in the Nieuwe Revu. “I’ve presented Boulevard myself a few times and I’m glad Daphne is back, because I’ve found it rather superficial lately. It all has to be fast-fast-fast.”

    Daphne is a nice presenter, she thinks. “With her experience and appearance, Daphne can bring a little more peace to the tent. She has always kept things in order. Sometimes I need a little more depth. People who know a bit about the hat and the brim, that’s nice of course.”


    It is quite striking that Daphne is back in the party, because she left years ago because she did not agree with the content of the program. “It’s nice that she’s back, I think she’s very good. I also thought it was good that she left at the time, I thought that was very principled.”

    She concludes: “Why does she return if she left with so much fanfare? Probably because she’s good at it. I think Daphne is an asset to Boulevard.”