Catherine Keyl does not understand the fuss about the spicy Jinek sneer: ‘Yes, pff!’

Catherine Keyl does not understand the fuss about her spicy sneer at Eva Jinek. To avoid new fuss, she therefore refuses to give her opinion about Nadia Moussaid.


Catherine Keyl’s criticism of talk show diva Eva Jinek has caused quite a stir. She states that Eva is no longer such a good presenter due to her motherhood. “Since she had a child, she is no longer so alert, she is no longer on top of things,” she says bluntly. And that, according to Yvonne Coldeweijer, is really a bridge too far.

No sisterhood

Catherine responds to that criticism in the media forum of NPO Radio 1. “I have said things about Eva Jinek to make her suggestions to improve and then I get burned down, because ‘no sisterhood’ and I don’t know. Yeah, um, pfff… Well… So I’ll refrain from commenting if you don’t mind.”

Just before that, Catherine is asked to give her opinion on Nadia Moussaid’s new talk show, which is seen as Catherine’s successor. “I’ve always said throughout my life that you should never judge someone based on the first broadcasts, so I’m definitely not going to do that.”

Talk show dinosaur

So we don’t get to hear about Nadia’s talk show. “And certainly not because I am indeed an exact… Well, she has the exact copy, but I had the original and yes… You know, I have already been portrayed as a talk show dino and I know a lot about everything, so whatever I say about a talk show…”

Did she watch it? “Yes.”

And does she have an opinion? “I always find something, don’t you know Carl-Johan? But no, I’m not saying that.”

‘Is it that bad?’

Catherine who explicitly does not want to give her opinion about Nadia’s talk show… Isn’t that the same as saying that you think it’s totally bad?

Presenter Carl-Johan de Zwart: “Is it that bad? Are you afraid that a dynamic will start again?”

Catherine: “Yeah, I just don’t feel like it. Let that woman do her thing and then we will see.”


Nadia’s reviews are very, very bad. “Yes, I read that one and I found it merciless.”

Unjustly merciless? “Hahaha. Yes, you’re trying to frame me, but I won’t! Okay guys, have a nice day.”