Catherine Keyl at the table with Khalid & Sophie, will she leave Johnny de Mol?

Catherine Keyl has been absent from his talk show since the leaked report against Johnny de Mol. She did, however, sit at the table with his direct competitor Khalid & Sophie yesterday. Is she leaving HLF8?

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In recent months, Catherine Keyl was regularly seen as a sidekick in Johnny de Mol’s talk show. Coincidence or not: since the shocking report of his ex-fiance Shima Kaes has been leaked, we don’t see her anymore. And that while yesterday she was sitting at the table with his direct competitor Khalid & Sophie, where she came to talk about Willibrord Frequin.

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According to De Telegraaf, the editors of HLF8 are finding it increasingly difficult to entice guests since the leaked declaration. According to the AD there is clearly a camp for and a camp against Johnny. Is Catherine, who was a victim of domestic violence in her youth, now also in the camp against?

One thing’s for sure: Last week, Catherine must have watched Johnny and his guest Bilal Wahib high-five for second chances. She thought last year that Bilal got away with his misbehavior in Op1 too easily. And now Johnny, with whom she wanted to form a duo – at least until recently – was joking with him.

Catherine gone?

The big question is: will Catherine stay on as Johnny’s sidekick or will she leave? If she stays, it’s a sign that she doesn’t take Shima Kaes’s accusations seriously, but if she leaves she may no longer be welcome on SBS 6. However, she would not be the only sidekick to leave, because Fidan Ekiz also wants to The Telegraph is no more.

AD columnist Debby Gerritsen, who was a regular sidekick of Johnny, doesn’t seem to be coming anymore either. She finds it ‘uncomfortable’ that he stays on. “Because as the host of a current talk show, how can you still talk about serious topics such as (domestic) violence at the table, while such accusations hang over your own head?”, she says.


Johnny can no longer talk about topics such as domestic violence, according to Debby. “That situation is uncomfortable for himself, his guests and the public. Unfortunately, simply stating that the allegations are false does not take away that inconvenience. A good host should feel that too,” she writes in her column

With this, Debby indirectly says that she does not think Johnny is a good host. Well-known women who have less trouble with Johnny as a host are Britt Dekker, Lale Gül and Yora Rienstra. Even after Shima’s leaked report, they still joined as sidekicks.

Corry and John

Johnny’s most loyal sidekick is undoubtedly Rutger Castricum, who can’t be beaten from the HLF8 studio. Since the leaked report, Martijn Koning, Guus Meeuwis and Steven Brunswijk have also been seen as sidekicks.

It is not yet known who will be Johnny’s sidekick tonight. It is clear that Corry Konings and John de Bever will join as guests.