Catch-up game against Augsburg – Mainz coach: No need to heat up the mood now

Mainz (dpa) – Before the catch-up game between FSV Mainz 05 and FC Augsburg, FSV coach Bo Svensson is trying to exercise restraint.

“It would be unnecessary to heat up the atmosphere again. I hope we can agree that there may have been a few misunderstandings,” he told “Kicker”. “The fact is that we weren’t able to play. I completely understand that Augsburg didn’t think it was good. There’s a lot at stake in the hot phase of the season. But above all it’s about the health of the players.”

After a major outbreak at FSV Mainz 05 with 20 affected players and supervisors, the Mainz Bundesliga game at FC Augsburg was postponed two weeks ago. It will be made up for on April 6 (6:30 p.m.). There had been some comments and allegations from those responsible for both clubs about the postponement.